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Yupp, Our goal is to offer our brand menu to the same level of prepration, presantation and service those guest can expect from an upscale dining experience .

Get the customer as expected dining service with our trained staff and deliver fresh and innovative dishes to offer our customer .we are serving our egg menu having 60+ menu item that's having outstanding prepration for that serving way with delicious test that will be approach to traditional brunch and lunch to customer table. This is an amazing experience for our each menu dishes to got experience with some customer test and we got memorised dishes.

Egg Franchise

TheEggBite Brand

We give effective training to our chef,
We think to maintain our test, to change our recipe day by day.

  • Operational excellence
  • 100% egg ingredients
  • Fresh food availability
  • Always Innovative
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Features & Overviews

We want to create a lip-snaching egg releted menu item to serve our guest,
We are serving excelent operational planning and doing innovative fresh food availability.

  • Inspiring Services

    Want to expand our business from initial stage till opening stage.

  • Be Innovative

    We need to be the best that's the key to success.

  • Natural Ingredients

    We are creating a hygenic food in our store.

  • Ready to eat

    We are having redy to eat and searve our food item.

  • Sustainability System

    We promote sustainable franchise systems, to ensure success for everyone.

  • On Door Delivery

    We can type with food delivery companys or arrange our staff.

  • Digital Marketing

    Through social sites we will advertise in the market.

  • Trained staff

    We will serve you our trained staff in our store.


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